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Ideas are important. It is ideas that create beliefs, beliefs that create behaviors, behaviors that create experience, and experience that creates reality. And if our most wonderful ideas become our beliefs, life on our planet will look much different than it does today.

Cognitive scientists tell us that all it takes is one in ten people to emphatically embrace an idea, and the mass will follow. What, then, could 'cause' just one in ten people to believe that the most wonderful ideas we ever had are true?

A single decision.

We're one decision away.


But we must make that decision now. Not doing so is starting to have, on all of us, a very real effect.



Let's not dance around this. We have a big problem here. On Earth, I mean. And it's touching our lives every day. Individually and collectively.

There's no reason to move into a dark or depressed state over this, though, because the solution really is just one decision away. And it's not even a difficult decision to make. We just have to choose to make it.

Many people agree with the decision intuitively already. They simply haven't implemented it in their lives as a practical matter, probably because they're waiting to see if anyone else agrees. But the time for waiting is over.

The problem now confronting us is becoming pervasive. It's evidenced not only in the world's governments and the world's corporations and the world's social or religious institutions. It's affecting all of us. In individual homes all across the planet, we're feeling the effect.

So what's up? What's the problem? Let's lay it out in direct terms.

Humanity's biggest problem is that humanity doesn't know what humanity's biggest problem is.

We can see the effect of this problem all around us, but we don't seem to see the cause.

Now, you have a real problem when you know you have a problem, but don't understand what the problem is. You don't know what's causing the effect that you're observing every day. And humanity's confusion about this has gone on for so long that it's now created a condition. A condition that's threatening to become permanent.

Here's one way that it shows up: Perhaps more than ever in recent times, we're hearing folks say that if we do have a problem right now, it's only because of "those others" who are creating problems. We didn't have these problems before, these folks say, and we want to go back to the Good Old Days.

And just who, exactly, are those "others" to whom these folks are referring?

It's those unwanted immigrants, those unsatisfied minorities, those unhappy women, those right-wing radicals, those left-wing nut jobs, those unacceptable gays, those uninformed students, those dumb conservatives, those empty-headed liberals, those unmotivated government assistance recipients. It's those "others" who just keep making things difficult.

A well-known political strategist in the United States, Brad Todd, crystalized all of this in a tweet he posted in mid-2018: "Is the American Left willing to live with and among the American Right? Or are we at culture rupture?"

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